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Say No! #tackanej

fredag, 29 november 2013
tisdag, 14 januari 2014
In november 2013, Equalisters took part in launching a campaign called Say No with the hashtag #tackanej in Swedish. Say No was a call for change and a way to force organizers to look for competence instead of gender. Together with a couple of high-profiled journalists and pundits from the tech area, we made a public call that clearly stated that we cannot accept all male panels any longer. Say No was a call that encouraged men to take a step back and refuse to take part in contexts where they are overrepresented, unless at least one female participant is on also on stage. The campaign gained a lot of media attention and attracted over 200 signatures, ranging from established media personalities to university professors and successful entrepreneurs.

– More than 80 percent of all the experts in media today are men, and if we continue to organize all male panels and jurys we keep reproducing the image of an expert as a man. According to UN, this is actually a democracy problem. Saying no to all male panels is an easy way to let more people contribute to a concrete change, says Lina Thomsgård, founder of Equalisters.

Filip Lindahl