Vi hjälper projekt, organisationer och medier att hitta kompetens. Varje dag samarbetar över 135 000 rättviseförmedlare i sociala medier för att konstruktivt korrigera skevheter i samhället. Vill du ha hjälp att hitta folk, maila info@rattviseformedlingen.se.

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Riksteatern söker personalspecialist med fokus på jämlikhet och mångfald, Botkyrka

Jämställdhetsmyndigheten söker kvalificerade utredare för att förebygga och bekämpa mäns våld mot…

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Illustration by: Lukas Klepke
Illustration by: Lukas Klepke

Equalisters – this is how it works

söndag, 6 april 2014
torsdag, 31 augusti 2017

Simply put, one can say that there are four ways to use Equalisters’ services: one which is free and without limitations, one which is free with certain limitations and two which costs a little money – but in return contributes to financing the other two.

1. Visit us

For international delegations we offer study visits at our office in Stockholm. This visit includes an inspirational lecture where we talk about our organization and our method of working with social media and equal representation in media, organizations and businesses. We share our experience from working with equality issues as a non-profit organization and provide an overview of the current situation in Sweden. The lecture can be held in English or together with a translator. For more information and prices, please contact info@rattviseformedlingen.se

2. Search our listings

For free! Are you a recruiter, do you work in a Human Resources department, or are you just curious about making acquaintances that can increase diversity in e.g. newspapers, talk show sofas, radio studios, or at conferences? Then, we can recommend a visit to out collection of lists. Here, we put together the results of all of our searches in searchable lists where you can find the names, and in many cases links to more information, about the person in question. Good luck!

3. Do a search

Anyone who wants to can suggest a search for competence that’s hiding in the shadows, for free. The search gets published on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and gets spread throughout our fast growing network of over 135 000 Equalisters. But before you click on info@rattviseformedlingen.se and send us your search request, it’s a good idea to know what’s need in order for it to work.

  • We only publish searches that we find relevant for the public, mainly in the form of jobs in different representation situations (contributing to newspapers, TV and radio, speakers, experts and branch representatives at conferences, events and conferences, etc.).
  • We don’t print the name of the organisation behind the search.
  • For each search, there should be a clear or proven imbalance or lack of those we search for
  • Searches for specific events should be done well in advance.
  • We don’t conduct searches for volunteers or people for pro bono work.
  • We reserve the right to hold off on searches that otherwise fulfil our requirements, but are too similar to a search we’ve recently conducted.